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How to choose the right engine oil: what type to choose for your car

The main product, which should be filled in strict accordance with the recommendations of the car manufacturer, is car oil. It fills the space inside the unit and performs many functions – provides cooling, lubrication, protection against corrosion, cleaning. It is important to learn how to choose the right engine oil for your car, taking into account all its features, as well as regional environmental indicators. This issue is especially relevant for those who are not serviced by an official dealer and carry out a replacement on their own. The huge choice of this product causes difficulty even for experienced car owners, but you should not buy it and pour it at random. A quality machine product is the one that will avoid problems associated with costly repairs and will be the key to the long service life of the nodes of the units. Tips and recommendations for buying engine oil Choosing the right car engine oil in the car will largely depend, first of all, on the factory recommendations. It is also important to consider that any car in the line is intended for its own internal combustion engine oil. Its characteristics will necessarily be written in the manual of the vehicle or on the website of the manufacturer concerned. In order to choose the right oil in a car engine, it is necessary to get acquainted with its main types: synthetic – has higher performance properties, reduces fuel consumption and almost does not change during use and as mileage increases; Semi-synthetic – the ratio of synthetics is different (from 50 to 70 %) relative to mineral basis, that is why it is necessary to study thoroughly the characteristics of this universal product; mineral – requires more frequent changes as it changes during use. Synthetic contributes to the reduction of emissions into the atmosphere, improvement of starting properties of the car, but has a high cost. Mineral – attracts a low cost, but is not suitable for all engine types. Regardless of the budget, it is better to understand in advance what goals the owner is pursuing – reliable operation of the car or economy, with all the negative consequences that follow. What type of car oil is good to choose for a car To find out which type of engine oil is better to choose and how often it is worth pouring it into a diesel engine, so the car would work without surprises, only the recommendation from the company-manufacturer will help. The same is the case with petrol-powered vehicles.

The choice should also be made based on the age of the vehicle, its mileage, driving habits, the need for an overhaul, and other important characteristics. Thinking over which oil to choose, you may use a handy service on the official site of the car manufacturer. Such service is practiced practically by all manufacturers because specialists of automobile concern have tested different types of such expendable products for the automobile during the creation of each engine type, therefore they have thoroughly studied their peculiarities. After obtaining the necessary information it is important to decipher correctly what the marking (letters and numbers) means, and also to estimate what kind of oil to pour into the engine of the car is good and what is better to abstain from. Choosing oil for car engines requires taking into account its viscosity and composition, it is important that the index data do not differ from the manufacturer’s recommendations. This principle works both for the diesel engine and working on gasoline. It is important to study the characteristics of the vehicle beforehand. The right choice will ensure the smooth operation of the engine and prolong its service life. Tips for car owners on choosing machine oil Before buying long-life auto oil, you should determine if the vehicle has any problems related to pressure, the occurrence of burnout, or extraneous sounds. Provided no abnormalities are detected, you should pay attention to the following factors: performance properties; viscosity; the base of the product. Some manufacturers recommend using a synthetic-based product. Other bases may be incompatible with the make of the car and its configuration. Such a recommendation is especially important for cars equipped with an onboard computer. Do not forget about the low-temperature properties of the oil fluid. Engine wear and tear accounts for its cold start. Mineral products are largely inferior to synthetic and semi-synthetic variants in viscosity and flow rate.