Castrol EDGE 0w-30 A5/B5

Castrol EDGE 0w-30 A5B5

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Approvals and Specifications:

  • ACEA A1/B1, A5/B5

Castrol EDGE 0w-30 A5/B5 Oil Description

Castrol EDGE 0w-30 A5/B5 is a high quality synthetic for modern high technology gasoline and diesel engines. It is a low-viscosity oil providing reliable protection for all the “innards” of an engine.

Like other EDGE oils, it is based on a special technology patented by Castrol Company. This technology has no analogs anywhere in the world. The result is a unique product with unique properties. The technology is called TITANIUM FST™. The essence of the technology is that a special additive in the form of titanium compounds is added to the lubricant. It is one of the strongest materials in nature. Its strength has long been a household word. The ultra-hard metal transmits these properties to the resulting oil. The result is a lubricant that is highly resistant to mechanical stress.

The oil film formed by Castrol EDGE 0w-30 A5/B5 is twice as strong as the film formed by other oils of similar viscosity. Under extreme conditions, this film shows a kind of “intelligence”. Thus, under higher loads, a layer is formed that is particularly resistant to external influences and almost impossible to tear off. Under normal driving conditions, the film behaves like a good synthetic oil film.

In addition, the oil demonstrates good cleaning and protective properties and reduces friction. This improves the efficiency of any engine and enables it to reach its full potential in all conditions. The oil is consumed economically and prolongs engine life, effectively protecting the engine from wear.

Castrol EDGE 0w-30 A5/B5 Features

Castrol EDGE 0w-30 is a member of the Castrol EDGE range of oils incorporating TITANIUM FST technology. Thanks to this technology it perfectly copes with engine protection in the process of its operation and develops its power potential.

Castrol EDGE 0w-30 has been developed in close consultation with automotive manufacturers in order to meet the tough low viscosity requirements of the Castrol EDGE range whilst still providing protection at peak engine loads.

Castrol EDGE 0w-30 A5/B5 Advantages and Disadvantages

Castrol EDGE 0w-30 oil has a number of advantages as compared to mineral and semi-mineral products. Here are the marvelous properties of both products:

  • Keeping the engine running as efficiently as possible from replacement to replacement
  • Prevents the formation of soot, corrosion, and oxidation
  • Reliable protection against wear
  • Increase engine responsiveness to accelerator pedal input
  • Suitability for use in all driving conditions, even extreme ones
  • Broad temperature range
  • Facilitates engine starting in cold weather
  • Maintaining maximum engine output
  • Higher engine efficiency
  • Unleashing the engine’s full potential

The disadvantages of oils usually come to light when used in unsuitable engine types. If you use the product only for its intended purpose it will reveal all its properties at their best.

Castrol EDGE 0w-30 A5/B5 Applications

Castrol EDGE 0w-30 A5/B5 is designed for use in power applications requiring the use of gasoline, diesel, natural gas, or ethanol blends. It is fully compatible with direct fuel injection, turbocharged, catalytic converters. Improved compatibility with machines requiring eco-lubrication is noted. Users insist on the suitability of the expensive formula for filling in agricultural and construction equipment, provided that it is approved.

The lack of compatibility with diesel particulate filters is evident. Due to its specific composition, the oil is unsuitable for such devices.

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