Castrol EDGE 5w-40

Castrol EDGE 5w-40

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Approvals and Specifications:

  • ACEA C3
  • BMW Longlife-04
  • dexos2
  • Meets Fiat 9.55535-S2
  • Meets Ford WSS-M2C917-A
  • MB-Approval 226.5/ 229.31/ 229.51
  • Renault RN0700 / 0710
  • VW 502 00/ 505 00/ 505 00/ 505 01

Castrol EDGE 5w-40

This lubricant must cope with the following tasks: reducing friction through a special film, providing engine cooling, eliminating oxidation and protection. These parameters are determined by the viscosity, which is included in the concept. The higher the value (in our case it is number 40), the better the efficiency and performance of the engine oil.

This allows the fluid to circulate reliably at temperatures down to -30 degrees. In addition, the synthetic product is all seasonal, including various additives for additional engine cleaning. In simple words, the first number indicates the oil’s viscosity in dynamics, the letter W states that the product belongs to the winter grade, and the subsequent numbers indicate the maximum operating temperature of the oil in summer. As you can see, understanding the terms is not a problem.

Castrol EDGE 5w-40 Description

Castrol engine oil is one of the most popular lubricants for car engines. Castrol EDGE 5w-40 is a reliable protection for any engine. It protects against negative effects, prevents sooting, and is effective for use in engines with high mileage.

Castrol EDGE 5w-40 engine oil is a newly developed, research-based, pure synthetic lubricant with titanium particles that not only protect the engine well but also clean it. This grease is created using a special TITANIUM FST technology.

The grease produced in this way has a particularly strong oil film, which retains its strength and elasticity for a long time. The product is more resistant to temperature fluctuations and mechanical stress, and also significantly reduces friction.

This allows the engine to operate at maximum efficiency in all conditions and fully exploit its efficiency. With it, every car unleashes its full potential and demonstrates its best qualities.

Titanium additive functions in a way that allows Castrol EDGE 5w-40 to vary its behavior and characteristics depending on the vehicle operating conditions. In other words, with a measured driving style it is just a good oil.

But when encountering extreme conditions, it creates a particularly tough, shock-absorbing layer. This film is twice as strong, it is difficult to break when exposed to mechanical stress and the friction remains under all loads.

Castrol EDGE 5w-40 Benefits

Castrol EDGE 5w-40 provides reliable and most efficient operation of modern high-tech engines built on the latest engineering developments, which operate under conditions of tightened tolerances of vehicle manufacturers that require a high level of protection and low viscosity oils.

  • Maximizes engine performance both in the short term and over the long term
  • Suppresses the formation of deposits, helping to improve engine response to the accelerator pedal
  • Increases engine efficiency (confirmed by independent tests)
  • Provides an unrivaled level of engine protection in a wide range of driving conditions and temperatures
  • Maintains the engine’s maximum power output over a longer period of time, even under intensive operating conditions

Castrol EDGE 5w-40 Applicability

The area of application of Castrol EDGE 5w-40 engine oil is power units for different purposes and operations. Many European manufacturers recommend it for use.

  • Suitable for both gasoline and diesel engines (without diesel particulate filter). Thanks to its excellent properties it has a wide range of applications. Absolutely all operating conditions are its special feature. This oil cannot be intimidated by hot and cold weather, temperature fluctuations, high speeds, lack of roads, racing, and driving in cities with frequent stops and starts.
  • Suitable for most cars: Audi, BMW, Skoda, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Porsche, Renault, and Toyota.
  • For vehicles as recommended in the service book.

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