Castrol EDGE Professional LL IV FE 0w-20

Castrol EDGE Professional LL IV FE 0w-20

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Approvals and Specifications:

  • ACEA C5
  • Porsche C20
  • VW 508 00/ 509 00

Castrol EDGE Professional LL IV FE 0w-20

Castrol EDGE Professional enriched with TITANIUM FST™ provides exceptional durability for modern engines that
that run harder and at higher pressures than ever before.

Castrol EDGE Professional is our strongest and most advanced range of engine oils. Castrol EDGE Professional with TITANIUM FST™: to help your engine perform at its best. Castrol EDGE Professional is now certified CO2 neutral to the highest global standards.
Castrol EDGE Professional LongLife IV FE 0w-20 Titanium FST engine oil is manufactured using a micro-filtration process and is certified CO2 neutral in line with global standards, helping to reduce your carbon footprint. The patented Fluid TITANIUM technology enhances the strength of the oil film by increasing engine loads, reducing friction, and ensuring maximum engine performance when needed.

Castrol EDGE Professional LL IV FE 0w-20 (world’s first oil approved to Norm VW specification 508 00 / 509 00) and Castrol EDGE 0w-20 LL IV.

Castrol EDGE Professional LL IV FE 0w-20 Benefits

Castrol EDGE Professional LL IV FE 0w-20 gives you the confidence that you can expect maximum engine performance from
modern, advanced technology, high-performance engines operating to even tighter tolerances and requiring a high level of
and low viscosity oils.

  • Мaximises short and long term engine performance
  • Reduces deposits in the engine, helping to maximize engine response
  • Provides full protection across a wide range of engine speeds, conditions, and temperatures
  • Maintains maximum performance, even under pressure
  • Independently proven to improve engine performance
  • Provides an unrivaled level of protection under a range of driving conditions and temperatures
  • Reduces deposits in diesel engines, helping to maximize engine response
  • Delivers the highest level of fuel efficiency
  • Excellent low temperature behavior

Castrol EDGE Professional LL IV FE 0w-20 Application

Castrol EDGE Professional LL IV FE 0w-20 approved for use in VW Group vehicles requiring a VW 508 00 / 509 00
specification 0w-20. In modern engines, which have become considerably smaller in size but develop a higher power density per unit weight, the operating contact pressures have become considerably higher.

And the engine oils are forced to bear heavier loads. Consequently, engine oils are required that, under the conditions of significantly higher contact pressures and under load, do not have to reduce the engine’s power. For this purpose was developed a new technology Fluid TITANIUM, which is used in a range of synthetic oils Castrol EDGE Professional. The use of titanium additives that can be changed under pressure and a stronger oil film on rubbing parts has been achieved.

Extensive filtration in multiple stages has enabled the new range to be certified as carbon neutral to BSI PAS 2060 standards.

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