Liqui Moly Top Tec 4200 5w-30

Liqui Moly Top Tec 4200 5w-30

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Approvals and Specifications:

  • ACEA A3-04/B4-04/C3-04
  • VW 504 00/507 00
  • VW 500 00/501 01/502 00/505 00/505 01/503 00/503 01/ 506 00/506 01 (Except R5 and V10 TDI engines up to 6/2006)
  • MB 229.31 / MB 229.51
  • BMW Longlife-01/Longlife-01FE / Longlife-04 ( until 2018)
  • Porsche C30
  • Fiat 9.55535-S1 / Fiat 9.55535-S3
  • Peugeot/Citroen (PSA) B71 2290

Liqui Moly Top Tec 4200 5w-30

Liqui Moly Top Tec 4200 5w-30 is a synthetic engine oil for petrol and diesel engines in passenger cars equipped with a dual exhaust gas aftertreatment system according to the EURO IV environmental regulations. Developed specifically for VW-Audi engines with Longlife – service. Can be used on all VW-Audi engines except R5 TDI and V10 TDI.

The base oil’s resistance to oxidation has been significantly increased and a unique additive package with limited amounts of sulfur, phosphorus, and chlorine compounds has been used.

The oil is compatible with specific neutralization systems and ensures minimum pollutant emissions. Allows an oil drain interval of 30.000 to 50.000 km (or every 2 years) – depending on the engine manufacturer’s recommendations.


Liqui Moly Top Tec 4200 5w-30 Description

Top Tec 4200 is a modern premium multigrade, multigrade engine oil with high PAH content for passenger cars with petrol and diesel engines that meet the Euro 4 and Euro 5 emission standards and equipped with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and normal or extended drain intervals.

This oil, specially developed for Audi/VW-Gruppe engines (except for R5 and V10 TDI engines up to 06.2006) may also be successfully used for other brands, e.g. BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, etc. The combination of high-quality base oils based on synthetic technology and the latest additive package ensures the highest degree of wear protection, low fuel, and oil consumption, as well as a high oil flow and excellent lubricating properties.

The high quality of the oil enables the manufacturer’s recommended oil drain intervals of up to 30,000-50,000 km or 2 years.

  • The easy and smooth running of the engine
  • Excellent wear protection extends engine life
  • Quick oil supply at low temperatures
  • Optimum oil pressure at all engine speeds
  • Excellent lubricating properties at high and low temperatures
  • High stability against scuffing and aging
  • Reduced oil consumption, fuel consumption, and pollutant emissions
  • Engine cleanliness
  • Tested and approved for engines with catalytic converter and turbocharger
  • The product is not recommended for blending with other engine oils

For petrol and diesel engines that fulfill the Euro 4, Euro 5, and Euro 6 exhaust emission standards (including FSI technology, Common-Rail, and pump-injection systems). Particularly suitable for gas vehicles (compressed natural gas/LPG) and vehicles with particulate filters (DPF), even after retrofitting. Exception: TDI R5 and V10 engines with a year of manufacture prior to 06.2006. Tested with a turbocharged engine and catalytic converter. Universal application for the latest engine technology for Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and VW Group vehicles.

Liqui Moly Top Tec 4200 5w-30 Properties

  • Recommended for use on diesel engines fitted with diesel particulate filters and turbochargers
  • Ensures engine cleanliness
  • Maximum quick oil flow to the engine parts
  • Optimum pressure at all engine speeds
  • Reliable lubrication at low and high temperatures
  • Reduced fuel consumption and harmful exhaust emission components

The use of Top Tec 4200 engine oil helps to guarantee a high level of engine reliability and prolongs the life of modern diesel exhaust catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters. Due to the presence of original vehicle manufacturer approvals, the use of this oil enables you to retain all warranty conditions when undergoing maintenance.

The engine oil is changed together with the oil filter, in accordance with the car owner’s manual. It is recommended to flush the oil system before changing the oil. Mixed with oils of similar specifications.

Liqui Moly Top Tec 4200 5w-30 Usage

It may be used in all engines of VW-Audi, Skoda, Seat, Lamborgini, and Bugatti, excluding R5 TDI and V10 TDI produced before 06.06 and in all engines with comparable specifications, such as BMW Longlife-04 MB- Approval 229.51 for petrol engines M 132 (ROW), M 266, M 271, M 271 EVO and all diesel. Fiat – only diesel as from the model year 2008 Mitsubishi Peugeot/ Citroën as from the model year 1999 B71 2290*.

An oil change is carried out in a workshop or industry environment.

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