Mobil 1 ESP X3 0w-40

Mobil 1 ESP X3 0w-40

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Approvals and Specifications:

  • MB 229.31
  • MB 229.51
  • MB 229.52
  • GM dexos2
  • VW 511 00
  • ACEA C3
  • FIAT FIAT 9.55535 – S2

Mobil 1 ESP X3 0w-40

Mobil 1 engine oil is very popular. Its technical characteristics are suitable for many engine types and its versatility in both cold and summer heat is appreciated by a large number of motorists.

Mobil 1 ESP X3 0w-40 is very good across the board in terms of temperature, detergency, and protection. The other properties are also very good and long-lasting, preserving their properties over the recommended mileage and with reserve.

Mobil 1 ESP X3 0w-40 Description

Mobil 1 ESP X3 0w-40 is a fully synthetic, performance-enhanced engine oil specially formulated to help keep powerful engines running at their best and ensure exceptional engine cleanliness, wear protection, durability, and improved fuel economy.

Mobil 1 ESP X3 0w-40 is based on the latest technology and developed in partnership with Porsche, a key European equipment manufacturer. Mobil 1 ESP X3 0w-40 has been expertly engineered to help extend the life of new petrol cars manufactured in Europe.

Mobil 1 ESP X3 0w-40 Features

Mobil 1 ESP X3 0w-40 is made with hightech components and a proprietary blend designed to be fully compatible with the latest generation of gasoline particulate filters (GPFs).

Mobil 1 ESP X3 0w-40 is engineered to help provide exceptional performance and engine protection with improved fuel economy. Following are some of the key features and potential benefits of this oil:

  • Based on industry and OEM-standard engine testing
  • Active cleaning agents
  • Helps prevent the formation of harmful deposits, resulting in improved engine cleanliness and durability
  • Delivers outstanding engine cleanliness and reduced deposit formation
  • Excellent thermo-oxidative stability at high temperatures
  • Helps slow the oil aging process by providing engine protection for extended oil change intervals.
  • Improved frictional properties
  • Provides better fuel economy than Mobil 1 ESP Formula 5w-30
  • Excellent low-temperature properties
  • Faster cold weather starting and immediate engine protection
  • Wear protection
  • Provides excellent wear protection

Mobil 1 ESP X3 0w-40 Usage

Mobil 1 ESP X3 0w-40 is recommended for heavy-duty gasoline engines that require a GFP (particulate filter).

Mobil 1 ESP X3 0w-40 can only be used in vehicles for which it has been approved. It is not compatible with engines requiring A40, C30 or C20 oils. Check the recommended oil viscosity grade and specifications in your owner’s manual at all times.

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