Motul 8100 X-Clean 5w-40

Motul 8100 X-Clean 5w-40

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Approvals and Specifications:

  • ACEA C3
  • BMW LL-04
  • WSS M2C 917A
  • Dexos2
  • VW 505.00/502.00/505.01
  • Porsche A40
  • RN0700-08-018/0710-08-012

Motul 8100 X-Clean 5w-40

Motul 8100 X-Clean 5w-40 Synthetic is developed using the company’s proprietary technology. The basis of the fluid is a complex of base oils synthesised by breaking down natural gas molecules into their components.

The procedure ensures the creation of a purified “foundation” for the final formula. This necessity is driven by the need to minimise impurities that could damage the final performance of the product.

According to the standard criteria, the oil contains a minimum amount of phosphorous and sulphur-containing additives. This guarantees a clean exhaust and minimal carbon monoxide emissions.

The final formula is supplemented by high-tech additives. Each component is aimed at a specific task. The dispersant components clean the engine from sludge deposits. Thermostatic compounds significantly improve the substance’s resistance to temperature fluctuations, which enables the operation of the oil in the range from -30 to +40 degrees Celsius.

It also contains a bouquet of secondary additives that perform additional functions.

Motul 8100 X-Clean 5w-40 Description

Motul 8100 X-Clean 5w-40 is a one hundred percent synthetic motor oil meeting the latest Euro 4 and Euro 5 standards. These standards impose strict requirements on lubricants. In particular, their content of sulphur, phosphorus and sulphated ash.

After all, the composition of exhaust gases, the cleanliness and trouble-free service of their neutralisation systems – particulate filters and catalytic converters – depend on the level of these substances.

This engine oil has a reduced amount of sulphur, phosphorus and low ash content. This provides particularly environmentally friendly exhaust gases, and the high viscosity offers consistent reliable lubrication. The durability and stability of the oil film are practically unaffected by the various tests: temperature fluctuations, extreme loads, and high power output.

The oil wastes little in the way of deposits, preventing the formation of harmful deposits in the engine. Its cleanliness, stability, fast pumping and even lubrication significantly reduce the wear of moving engine parts, increasing their performance and prolonging the engine’s uptime.

The product is also designed for long drain intervals. It is economical to use and evaporates little. And it also reduces fuel consumption. In all respects, it results in such an economy – in a cube.

Motul 8100 X-Clean 5w-40 Advantages and Disadvantages

To the main advantages of the oil 8100 X-Clean 5w-40 from the company, Motul experts attribute the following factors.

Minimum sulphur and phosphorus content, which positively affects the environmental friendliness of exhaust gases.
Ability to operate under critical temperature fluctuations.

  • Easier cold-starting of the engine during frosts above -20 ˚C
  • Resistant to thermal oxidation. This fact provides for minimum natural lubricant consumption
  • Able to be used at long drain intervals
  • Corresponds to Euro 4 and 5 standards
  • Compatibility with modern diesel and petrol engines

The disadvantages are the inability to work in old engines or constructions with high mileage. Active dispersant additives have an aggressive effect on sludge deposits, which may cause damage to internal engine lines.

Motul 8100 X-Clean 5w-40 Application

High-tech 100% synthetic motor oil approved by many equipment manufacturers. Specially developed for petrol and diesel engines of the latest generation of vehicles.

Turbocharged and direct injection engines, engines that meet Euro IV, Euro V and Euro VI and require ACEA C3 oils: high HTHS viscosity (more than 3.5 mPa/s), reduced sulphated ash content (0.8%), phosphorus content (0.07% – 0.09%), sulphur (0.3%) – “Mid SAPS”. Compatible with catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters (DPF).

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