Opel GM 5w-30

Opel GM 5w-30

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Approvals and Specifications:

  • GM Dexos 1
  • ACEA A3 compliant

Opel GM 5w-30 Description

Opel GM 5w-30 is a high quality synthetic oil with a transparent oily appearance and amber colour.

It has a reduced, stable viscosity and excellent high and low-temperature performance. Contributes to fuel economy, reduced wear, and easy starting.

Opel GM 5w-30 Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Quality corrosion and wear prevention
  • High cleaning and dispersive properties
  • Protection against scuffing, low friction coefficient
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Reduction of detonation probability
  • Excellent performance at all temperatures (high and low)

Those who have tried it note its high quality at a very reasonable price.

Opel GM 5w-30 Features

Compared to GM 6094M and ILSAC GF-4 specification products, GM Dexos 1 greases have improved oxidation, deposit and sludge control, aeration control (important feature for variable valve timing engines), low temperature fluidity, seal compatibility.

GM Dexos 1 certified oils are identified with the appropriate logo on the front label and an 11-digit alpha-numeric license code on the back of the canister.

Opel GM 5w-30 Application

GM Dexos 1 is designed for highly accelerated petrol and diesel engines in passenger cars, with an extended drain interval. Opel GM 5w-30 provides good engine protection under extreme operating conditions, including urban stop-and-go traffic.

Opel GM 5w-30 dexos1 is designed for modern engines (including turbocharged) of passenger cars, vans, and jeeps manufactured by General Motors.

Opel GM 5w-30 is an original synthetic GM 5W-30 premium energy-saving engine oil specially formulated to meet the Dexos1 specification standards for the latest gasoline vehicles from GENERAL MOTORS.

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