Repsol Elite 5w-40

Repsol Elite 5w-40

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Approvals and Specifications:

  • ACEA A3/B3
  • A3/B4
  • VW 502.00/505.00
  • MB 229.3
  • BMW LL-01
  • RN0700
  • RN0710
  • GM LL-B-025

Repsol Elite 5w-40

Developed based on the experience of the Repsol racing teams, this fully synthetic engine oil meets the highest demands of racing engines.

That is why it is recommended as the best choice for the most advanced and demanding passenger car engines on the market, such as Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, etc., which consider it one of the most recommended products.

This engine oil is synonymous with Repsol’s success on the racetrack.

Repsol Elite 5w-40 Description

Repsol Elite 5w-40 is a high quality synthetic oil, developed with the experience gained by the Repsol racing team and suitable for the extreme and changing conditions of each race.

The use of this oil in any engine will improve engine performance, optimize fuel consumption, minimize friction and guarantee maximum engine protection.

The special additives and synthetic origin of the product base allow it to show excellent results in sludge and deposit formation tests at high temperatures ensuring a cleaner engine.

Engine tests have shown outstanding resistance to wear, far exceeding the minimum requirements, thereby ensuring long engine life.
Special additives ensure fast deaeration, i.e. minimize foaming at high engine speeds, thus keeping the engine lubricated and preventing wear.

Repsol Elite 5w-40 Features

  • Multi-grade synthetic oil with high shear stability and high shear stability.
  • Excellent viscosity at low temperatures, which facilitates engine start-up and reduces engine wear to a minimum.
  • Reduced evaporation results in lower oil consumption.
  • Special dispersing and detergent capacity ensures the complete cleanliness of engine parts.
  • Excellent performance at low and high temperatures.
  • Optimal pumpability of oil reduces wear of engine components subjected to critical loads.
  • Special components ensure fast removal of air bubbles, thus minimizing foaming at high engine speeds.
  • Increased resistance to high temperatures and oxidation.
  • No deposits and stable operation of turbines.
  • Sophisticated composition and complex of special additives provide an optimum service life of the product.
  • Its characteristics exceed the requirements of the specifications set out for this type of oil.

Repsol Elite 5w-40 Application

Recommended by most engine manufacturers, both for diesel and petrol engines, as well as extended oil change intervals.

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