Shell Helix HX8 5w-40

Shell Helix HX8 5w-40

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Approvals and Specifications:

  • API SN
  • МВ 229.3
  • VW 502.00/505.00
  • Renault RN0700, RN0710
  • Meets the requirements of Fiat 9.55535-M2

Shell Helix HX8 5w-40

Shell Helix HX8 5w-40 is an excellent synthetic that meets and exceeds all industry requirements. With this oil, you can forget about engine performance issues, friction and wear, and poor cold-start performance. It will give even a decades-old engine a second youth and help you and your beloved iron horse to achieve much more.

Shell Helix HX8 5w-40 is a pure synthetic engine oil, formulated with the highest quality base oils and advanced technology. It uses advanced additives developed in-house. Shell is known worldwide as one of the industry leaders, and the quality of its products is unquestioned.

Shell Helix HX8 5w-40 Description

Shell produces its synthetic products using its own unique technology, which is unrivalled in the world. One of these is PurePlus, a technology for producing the purest engine oil from natural gas. PurePlus is a pure natural gas engine oil that has virtually no impurities, so it does not turn into soot inside the engine.

Combined with Active Cleansing additives – also developed by Shell – it keeps the engine clean. Not only that, it also prevents the formation of soot. If it was already in the engine, the engine oil dissolves it, giving the parts back to their original cleanliness. And in doing so, it retains its qualities unaffected from replacement to replacement.

At the same time, Shell is also environmentally conscious when it comes to manufacturing its motor oils. As a result, all its products, including Shell Helix HX8 5w-40, are safe for humans, animals, plants, and the environment, if used correctly. However, lubricant residues must be disposed of properly, at designated facilities. It must not be discharged into water courses or onto the soil.

Shell Helix HX8 5w-40 Advantages and Disadvantages

  • The factory specifications have high stability at all temperatures and service intervals. It is this feature that allows the oil change interval to be practically doubled.
  • Viscosity remains within tolerance in the operating temperature range. The engine is easy to start in cold weather and reliably lubricated in the summer heat.
  • Volume retention even with extended service life. Thanks to its 100% synthetic base, the oil’s volatility are next to nil. The fluid should not need to be topped up between replacements.
  • Protection against wear of engine components: saves the cost of overhauls.
  • Restoration of worn friction pairs.
  • The anti-friction additives reduce friction to such an extent that fuel savings become noticeable.
  • Reduction of power train noises, normalization of mutual influence of components, reduction of parasitic vibrations.
  • Good heat dissipation: Shell Helix HX8 5w-40 helps actively cool your engine.
  • Active Cleansing additives wash out lingering sludge deposits, dissolve soot in diesel engines, and remove corrosive transformations. A new engine will always be clean, and an engine with mileage will gradually be washed down to new conditions. This oil will never clog fine oil passages.
  • This oil series is universal: it can be used in petrol, diesel, and multi-fuel engines.
  • There is no reference to specific vehicle brands.

In addition to the high cost, there are still disadvantages:

  • The lower freezing limit value obtained in the laboratory does not always work in reality;
  • Limitations for engines with TFSI and DPF systems reduce the range of applications.

Shell Helix HX8 5w-40 Usage

Shell Helix HX8 5w-40 belongs to the universal motor oil category, i.e. it is not related to a certain type of unit.

Nevertheless, the manufacturer has formed a list of objects of application:

  • Petrol engines with a high degree of boost
  • Diesel engines that are not equipped with DPF (particulate filter)
  • Vehicles propelled with methane or liquefied natural gas
  • Power units with non-standard fuels: bioethanol, biodiesel, petrol/ethanol mixtures

Conditions of use (in addition to the standard “greenhouse”) are extended:

  • Off-road vehicles with standard replacement intervals
  • Passenger cars with extended service intervals, driven sparingly
  • Rough city driving: start-stop in traffic, abrupt load changes

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